Humanitarian tragedy: Colombia has 6 million refugees

(Translated by Gabriel Paiva from the original in portuguese language, “Tragédia humanitária: Colômbia tem 6 milhões de refugiados.”)

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are an estimated 28 million intern refugees (refugees inside their own country) currently. Data points that 6 million colombians are intern refugees. To get the picture of the gravity of the situation, in Syria, a country devasted by the war provoked by the imperialista invasion, there are 2,9 million intern refugees. This means that Colombia has the biggest population of displaced persons on the planet.

However, there is not much information  on the corporative and coup plotter media about the sucessive massacres, violations and forced removals done by the narcoterrorist colombian State, giving the spotlight only to the criminal propaganda to attack, lie about and demonize the venezuelan government, creating an alleged humanitarian crisis, that actually only exists in Colombia,

This colombian humanitary crisis is so severe that even Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) considarates inaceptable not to include this situation on the agendas and international meetings in Colombia. “No matter how hard we try, we don’t understand why the implementation of measures to assist the victims of conflict, those who face displacement, don’t get maximum priority. This cruel silence about life and death of thousands of people in Colombia finds accomplices that we don’t compreehend.” Says Pierre Garrigou, MSF Head of international humanitarian organization.

Its clear in the ONU international reports that the late response of the international community, in relation to the intern displaced, and the omission of the armed conflict developer colombian State that brought insecurity and widespread violence to a portion of its civil population.

In another report, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says there is an humanitarian tragedy in Colombia in consequense of the succesive governments.

The UN also showed proof that colombian military works alongside paramilitar groups (militia). The UN acuses the paramilitary of killing innocent civilians. It is estimated that nowadays there are 100 militia groups acting inside the national territory, with 10 thousand members, approximately.

“The paramilitary  didn’t respect the obligation to protect the people that don’t take part on the hostilities directly”, says the report.

Colombia is also the country that kills syndicalists the most, and the most dangerous country for social activists.

In two decades, 3 thousand colombian syndicalists were killed in the country. In 2017, it’s verified that at least 178 social movement leaders were killed. Colombia is on the same pace of a dictatorship, being a mortal country for syndicalists, militants, and every kind of opposition.

The case of “False Positives” still not punished nor investigated in the country

The case of the “False Positives” refer to the period of the government of ex presidente Álvaro Uribe, between 2002 and 2010. This government rewarded with money, promotions, medals, vacation and other benefits, military and policemen that killed oposicionists – mostly the FARC guerrilla (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army). Its worthy of note that the proposition of rewarding homicidal actions was brought back by the presente Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel, that promises to reward policemen that shoot down “narcotraffickers”. The consequences of those politics will be the same as in Colombia.

Many poor family men, specially the young and black, but also women and teenagers, were kidnapped, shot down, and then presented as guerrilla, killed in combat. Until now, 5 thousand “False Positives” cases are known. The majority of them between 2002 and 2010.

Until this moment, about 97% “False Positives” cases were not legally punished, says Carolina Lopez Giraldo, member of the Humans Rights Defense Comission on Caldas department.

Those facts provides evidence that the goverments of the Lima group (reuniting governments that recently suffered coups, including Peru, Brazil and Paraguay) worry not about the imigrants nor supply problems in Venezuela. On the other hand, those governments supports sabotage actions and econimic sanctions in the country, worsening the economic situation, creating a false humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, that serves as a pretext to justify agression against the country.

All those coup plotter governments rose to power by coups supported by the United States. In this sense, those governments acts as servants to protect the noth american imperialist agenda on the continente with the objectives of invading Venezuela to steal the gold and oil resources of the country, containing the development of the left wing movements and the liberarion and Independence of latin people, stanching the outgrowth of the chinese and russian presence in Latin America, and destabilizing the governments of the continent, specially the Brazilian government, that being involved in a conflict would worsen its economic, social and political crisis, which may lead to the creating of separatista movements and the balcanization of the Brazilian National State. This reality isn’t far away, since those tactics has been employed in a lot of countries, with lots of separatista movements inside those countries.

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