Fascists attack China consulate in Rio de Janeiro

On the last thursday night, September 16, a non-identified man threw a low power explosive at the China’s consulate, in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. The act destroyed the front gate, but fortunately made no victms.

The security cams caught the moment that the man drew the explosive from his clothes, throw it at the building, and then ran away. The bomb squad and the criminalists institute were called. The case is being investigate by the 10º Botafogo’s PD. 

This act of terrorism is not an isolated fact, and should not be treated as a ridiculous occurrence. This case happened right in the moment that China faces xenophobic attacks from everywhere around the globe. The USA and its puppets colonials governments intensified the aggressions on the last months by blaming the Chinese people for the coronavirus creation, even knowing the only country capable of using such a biological weapon it’s the own USA. 

In Brazil, the coup government tries to create an external enemy for galvanize its extreme-right militancy, fact that increased the number of attacks to others syndicates, left parties and diplomatic missions of some countries that are not aligned to the American politics.    

The Voz Operária support the People’s Republic of China and its revolution. We are willing to defend our comrades against the imperialism and its minions. On the same way, we alert others progressists organizations from Rio de Janeiro to keep strong against the fascist provocation and this current brazilian government. 

Sabia que a partir de 16 centavos ao dia você ajuda a imprensa popular e investiga a se manter? Acesse www.apoia.se/vozoperariarj para saber mais.

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