Considering, in her withdrawal from Afghanistan, the German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, confessed that NATO is commanded by the United States. Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz and deepens the silk road with China. At Liban, the Hezbollah partie breaks Israel’s siege. Yemen is winning the war against Saudi Arabia. Syria is winning its internal war against the terrorists. And finally, the US is withdrawing its troops from Iraq, with the forecast that they will occur by the end of 2021. Before all these events, the US needs to create new environments of conflict in the region to keep its exploitation and colonization project on going.    


Afghanistan is one the poorest countries of the world. Almost 40% of its population is illiterate, and its life expectancy is only 55 years old. There was waged the longest US’s foreing war, that lasted 20 years, taking an expansive military investment.  

Where was the international community when 75% of the Afghan population was under risk of starvation? Where is the international dialogue with the basic guarantees of housing and end of the war, in these 20 years? 


To analyse CIA-sponsored war operations across the world is essential to understand how our enemy operates. It’s recurring, in all latitudes of the globe, the development of those kinds of operations. They only change the actors, the goals and the general developments. 

This operation has similarities with the Operation Ajax, that occured in the coup d’etat in Iran that toppled the government of Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953. Understand why.  

To fight an Afghan Estate emergency and make use of its territory to harm the iranian revolution and the URSS, the government of Jimmy Carter unleashed the Operation Cyclone. Influenced by the iranian revolution, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan lasted 14 years (1978 – 1992), and was able to promote a series of reforms to establish its national sovereignty.    

In 1978, the CIA aided by the Pakistani soldiers, the British secret service and financed by the Saudi monarchy, armed the Mujahideen (a western name for the far-right fundamentalist islamic group) against the Soviet occupation and the nationalist government of Afghanistan.  

The Operation Cyclone started with the Mujahideen training to execute terrorist acts. The targets were Afghan support strongholds of the socialist government and the Soviet military bases. 

At the end of the 1970s decade, that begins the line of funding directly from Washington to foster the extreme Islamic right. In a first moment with a remnant ordnance from ww2. Then, with weapons, vehicles of transportation and armored that supplied 400.000 terrorists from, in its majority, the Emirates of arabian peninsula. After successive defeats, the US deferred open support and provided cutting-edge weapons. Besides, the then-president Jimmy Carter signed a decree authorizing the financing of the terrorists. For the first time, they undertook on the battlefield a surface-to-air missile (SAM) that was capable to break the sovietic’s air superiority and ensure that the terrorists detained the control of the paquistani line supplies, and being able to dominate 80% of the afghan territory.

At the time, the Americans created a press network on Afghanistan. Radio and TV stations were committed to promote and justify the influence and the powers of the White House in the region. Meanwhile, Hollywood was propagating to the West the imaginary of the soviet barbarism against the Mujahideen refugees. 

During Ronald Reagan’s government, the financing of the Mujahideens militia became one of the main points of the US’s foreing policy. The US’s financing starts with sanctions of all sorts to strangle the Afghan government, while injecting bulky resources to the infrastructure of the country, mainly to build roads with the purpose of transporting the opium and the arsenal that ensures control of Central Asia. In this very period, the US created the imaginary of the “Saudi entrepreneurial” (Osama bin Laden), a multimillionaire who has invested his riches in the Afghanistan to fight against the soviets. 

Its results was to ensure militarily and equip dispassionately pro-Americans terrorist groups after the soviet’s withdrawal from the Afghan territory. The consequence was the outbreak of the civil war that toppled the Republic in 1992, and culminated in the founding of the Taliban as a party that administers the colonial regime inherited by the north-american intervention.

From then on, Afghanistan has become an operative center  to the policy of balkanization of other countries, promoting far-right islamic groups that fought in the Chechnya war (1994/96) and in Yugoslavia in the 1990 decade, for example.


To contextualize, previously, the US had stimulated the Taliban to prevent the rise of the Afghan State. To the extent that nationals vocations get latent, the Taliban party, that was put in the US to administer the colonial regime, becomes obsolete to prevent the advantages from the nationalists, corroborating to what they swore to fight.  

And that’s a pattern developed by the CIA. In several moments, they remove dictators to crown one, and then successfully, just to restart a new cycle of colonial exploitation.

In meanwhile, the International Law crisis deepens, gaining a new key point as the US ripped the UN Charter, doing a malabarism with the Self-Defense right to invade Afghanistan. 

The Afghan war, that starts in october of 2001, and ended in august of 2021, costed the death of: 6 thousand american soldiers; 7 thousand constructors; 57 thousand allied soldiers; 110 thousand taliban and its allies; and the death of more 217 civilians, totalizing 390 thousand stricken directly by the war, and more than 870 civilians stricken indirectly. The conflict resulted in 1 million and 189 thousand lost lives.

The US Treasury declared that the revenue employed in the war costed about 2,1 trillions dollars.  


In 2009, after pressure exerted by the US information access movement, the CIA leaked about 90,000 US military reports in Afghanistan. The documents revealed the barbarism of the north-american occupation with the covert operations and deaths of Afghan civilians.  

At the beginning of the war, the US established the first prison camp at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, where US troops held prisoners without any rights and under torture. As the war progressed, the number of detention and torture centers multiplied in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, where any suspected of collaborating with the Taliban were detained without trial. There was the “extraordinary rendition” of suspects to “black sites” in neighboring countries, places under United States control, such as the Bagram airfield outside Kabul. One of these torture centers, located in Thailand, was coordinated by CIA Director Gina Haspel, who met as Brazil’s coup government in 2019.

Documents indicate that NATO special forces units arrested and executed Taliban leaders without trial. There have been cases of “false positives”, that is, civilians who have been murdered to simulate fighting the insurgents in Afghanistan.

The reports also clarify cases of everyday violence that the Afghan civilian population submitted under US occupation. These are cases of civilian casualties due to air strikes, a large number of incidents of US soldiers opening fire on unarmed drivers or motorcyclists, reporting records of 144 such incidents.

All the documents record the military actions that go against the law prove that the US committed war crimes. Just because they were not US citizens, anyone captured in the conflict areas was suspected of being part of the Taliban to the point where the exclusion of illegality applies throughout Afghanistan. Even in the face of these facts, the UN has so far taken no initiative to investigate the war crimes committed by the Americans.


The US withdraws from Afghanistan and leaves the country plunged into civil war. In 20 years, Washington had said it would have trained and equipped 300,000 Afghan Army men. America boasts to be its patron. In itself, that statement is a farce, a national army founded by an occupying nation.

In its withdrawal, the US created a prefabricated scenario to confuse public opinion worldwide. The US spent 20 years controlling the economy and military a colonized country. And so they have perfect control over the power structures that they themselves have created and which they now claim to leave to the enemy. If anyone doubts US control over power structures, just look at other examples of invaded countries, such as Iraq, Libya and even Panama, which had a relatively short military occupation and which preserves the government structures imposed by the US at the time.

On the eve of the US withdrawal, Biden declared that the army of 300,000 Afghan men, armed and equipped by the US enemy, would never be overthrown by an army of 75,000 Taliban. In the meantime, in two weeks, with virtually no resistance, the Taliban, supposedly the enemy, had their arms left behind by NATO. It is not acceptable to assume that the US has no logistics to think of an evacuation. Obviously, the North Americans are arming the militias to make Afghanistan an enclave to destabilize Iran.


The Afghan Army had a squadron of 26 A-29 model super toucans that arrived in the country through an agreement between Embraer. The aircraft were manufactured on the assembly line of the Sierra Nevada Corporation in the United States.

Embraer’s A-29 super toucan is a lightweight aircraft, ideal for missions against small and mobile targets.

The first batch, composed of 20 aircraft, began operating in 2016 and the following year another 6 units were delivered. The total value of the deal was $578 million equivalent to 3.12 billion reais.


According to the UN World Drug Report in 2020, Afghanistan ranks as the world’s largest opium producer – 84% of the total. It is estimated that there are 294,350 thousand hectares for the cultivation of poppy in the world. In 2020, 7,410 tons were produced, the overall economy of opiates (refining and distribution) is estimated at US$6.6 billion.

Drug production skyrocketed because the US had recruited traffickers as supporters of the new regime. The name of former President Karzai’s own brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai (an active CIA collaborator) is listed among those accused of drug trafficking. Opium cultivation accounts for 53% of that country’s GDP and 93% of heroin trafficking worldwide.

In 2006, a World Bank report stated that Afghanistan’s 30 largest traffickers are based in the south of the country, home to supporters of the former colonial government. For its part, the Taliban relies on the Afghan opium trade as one of its main sources of income. Another profitable and competitive source is the illegal extraction of iron ore, marble, copper, gold and zinc, which annually moves US$ 460 million.

It was not the first or the last time that the United States used drug trafficking for its colonization wars. In the Afghan War of 1979 to 1988 and the subsequent civil war that lasted until 1992, the CIA created an alliance between Afghan Afghan Afghan traffickers to fight the Soviets.

The financing of CIA operations through drug trafficking has previously taken place in Burma, Laos and Thailand between the late 1940s and 1970s. These countries also became important players in the drug trade thanks to American support in the creation of the golden triangle of opium, a first moment to finance the Kuomintang during the Chinese Civil War and later the war against Vietnam.

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