Lately, Honduras has been busy with mainstream news because of the countless caravans of immigrants leaving Central America for the United States. People fleeing not only violence and natural disasters, but especially those resulting from the neoliberal policy of the US-driven coups d’état in the region.

On average, 500 Hondurans leave the country every day, and last year alone, more than 38,000 were deported from the United States. Although he promised in his campaign that he would do differently, current US President Joe Biden maintained the same immigration policy as Donald Trump. Immigrants are required to wait six months at the border until their visa is evaluated.
The change of government of Honduras is scheduled for 27 January 2022. After the elections they had a high popular turnout, with almost 70% of the population able to vote. Participation rate higher than the United States, where 61.4% participated, despite all domestic political crisis.

For the first time, Honduras will not be governed by either the National Party or the Liberal Party, which have been in power since 1839, shortly after independence. Xiomara Castro, president elected by the Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre) obtained with 50,49%, leaving 15% behind the coup government candidate, Nasry Asfura. The significant result at the polls made the Libre Party candidate the most voted president in the country’s history. This popular support supports the implementation of the change agenda proposed by Libre.

In addition to the country’s major problems related to inequality, immigration and unemployment, there are other even more worrying realities, such as the presence of drug trafficking structures that have taken over the structures of the Honduran state. And they’re hardly going to withdraw because of an election.

Since the 2009 coup d’état, the Honduran people have carried out countless strikes and mobilizations, including the burning of US embassies. Therefore, the electoral victory of Xiomara Castro was only possible because of the struggles carried out by the president’s support base. Denying the institutional left, which here in Brazil uses this example to fight and wait until the elections of 2022.

In 2011, Honduras was one of the two countries with the highest homicide rates on the planet. A conflict that virtually disrupts Honduran society, accompanied by the full penetration of drug trafficking into institutions.

The next government takes over the country with a poverty rate that reaches 70% of the population. The price of food and fuel is virtually unattainable for the vast majority of the population. The country is subject to the crisis that has dragged on for more than a decade, 1 in 10 Hondurans leave the country, about 985.100 thousand people immigrated.

Xiomara Castro announced an action plan for the first 100 days of government, revoked several laws passed by previous governments, so the president called it “dictatorship”. For example, it has reduced the price of electricity and fuel.

The most important point of his program is also the most symbolic, the creation of a National Constituent Assembly that will make a new Constitution. Because it was precisely the convocation of a popular consultation with the same objective that motivated the 2009 coup d’état, against the then President Manuel Zelaya, husband and also political ally of the then President.

The interests that dominated Honduras with the 2009 coup were the DEA and CIA deals linked to drug trafficking, particularly the drug cartels of Colombia. For these groups, Honduras is a key player. It serves as a bridge to reach the United States.

Thanks to the 2009 coup, Colombian drug traffickers no longer have to go through Mexico, nor do they have to share the drug deal with the powerful Mexican drug trafficking groups, which are forced to negotiate under the conditions that they have imposed on them, much more demanding that must satisfy the Honduran drug traffickers.

Honduras has a position on the subject of drug trafficking and spectacular. The kilo of cocaine in Honduras is worth 500% more than the kilo of cocaine in Colombia because it greatly reduces intermediaries. Honduras has 400 km of coastline in the Caribbean, while Guatemala has 75 km. From Honduras (Honduran springboard) it can be a drug route to Mexico or to the cities of the United States, through the Gulf of Mexico.

Two immediate relatives, of the last two coup presidents, who preceded Xiomara, were accused of drug trafficking by the United States. After long lawsuits, Fabio Lobo, son of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, and Juan Antonio Hernández, brother of former President Orlando Hernández, were sentenced to 26 years in prison and to life imprisonment, respectively. President Orlando Hernandez is mentioned a hundred times in the process that served as the basis for sentencing his brother to life imprisonment. The future of Orlando Hernandez, “Joh” as he is known the former president is uncertain, as is the majority of traitors who conspired in favor of the United States.

Something similar happens in Brazil, where the president of the Republic and his children are involved with the militias. In addition, 39 kilograms of cocaine were caught inside the plane of the presidential delegation, under the direct responsibility of the Institutional Security Office, commanded by General Augusto Heleno.

So the problem in honduras is much deeper than the exchange of a party, it’s the arrival of a new government in a country with a narco-state structure, the electoral result mirrors not only the new government but a new country model, but that a return to the past is the will of a people to recover the lost time with the blow.

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