The visit of Nancy Pelosi is a USA’s provocation to militarize ASIA

This Tuesday, August 2nd, the current speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has become the pivot of another episode in the escalation of conflicts between China and the United States. A direct US provocation to the “One China” policy, due to her visit to the Chinese province of Taiwan.

According to the American Constitution, Pelosi is the third authority in the line of succession of the presidency of the United States, thus becoming a State visit – triggering a Chinese reaction.

The ambiguity surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan can be understood as a Washington strategy to fabricate a propaganda framework in which the US paints Beijing as an aggressor, and puts China on high alert.

The dominance of American propaganda in the media worldwide plays a key role in favor of this narrative, even though Beijing has never shown any evidence of military aggression against American aircraft. The propaganda says that “the helpless Taiwanese separatists, who represent the democratic world’ in Asia, are being attacked by the evil Chinese”. This version is similar to the one adopted against Russia and Ukraine. The only fundamental difference is that the pieces of the American board are China and Taiwan, now.

Another goal would be to pressure Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia to agree to increase the militarization of the US against China in the region, through a new round of siege, which the Americans are establishing in Asia-Pacific.

The Chinese media Global Times reported last Friday, July 29, a meeting of the Chinese government to assess possible military options and countermeasures ranging from economics to diplomatic ways.

Responses range from air and missile deterrence maneuvers, to military exercises around the province and “even in the waters between the island of Taiwan and Japan, as well as between the island of Taiwan and Guam”. The exercises will last from 4 to 7 August, according to the Chinese news network CGTN.

In the diplomatic field, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China convened the US ambassador in Beijing to explain Pelosi’s visit. Furthermore, the visit of the speaker of the United States House of Representatives couldn’t be more provocative, because It occurs just as the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) is celebrating its 95th anniversary of its creation.

Amid the global crisis, the escalation in the conflict will negatively influence bilateral Sino-American cooperation in the economy, global supply chain and the energy and food security – points that are at the forefront of the crisis at the moment. It will also have a negative impact on Asia and the Pacific region and the recovery of the economy in the world – already shaken by the crisis, illegal sanctions against Russia and the pandemic.

Relations between the United States and China underwent essential changes after Trump launched his economic and trade war that was accompanied by a massive anti-Chinese propaganda. This direction in relations has not changed with the Biden government, as Washington sees China as a consistent source of threat to curb its imperialist ambitions.

China’s reunification of Taiwan is a long-term plan, but if China resolved to attack, the United States would do nothing, just as they did nothing for Ukraine. This strategy applies only to broaden the geopolitical interests of this internationalist order.

It is important to remember that Taiwan was always part of China, and was taken by the Empire of Japan in 1895, being the island occupied by the Japanese until the end of World War II. In 1949, after the victory of the Chinese Revolution, the United States transported the Dictator Chiang Kai-Shek, known as “executioner of the Chinese people”, and his followers to the island, where they founded a dictatorship in the fascist manner, which remained in power until 1975, He was succeeded by his followers who maintained martial law until 1990 and the same constitution. Although the separatists do not control mainland China, they proclaim themselves as the true Chinese government, one of Juan Guaido’s earliest versions of history.

Once again, the United States is guilty of instigating wars around the world. They are dangerously approaching military infrastructure near the Chinese borders, and in this case, fomenting separatism within their territory. In the same week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in clear provocation to Russia and China, declared that the US is not afraid to use nuclear weapons to defend its geopolitical interests.

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